The TF Poduska Project


The Poetry of Art

If  poetry is language at its most intense – language with sensory effects heightened, to evoke memories, associates an emotion – when is a painting “poetic?”

When the painter TF Poduska is its “author,” creating forms and blending colors in ways that ravish the senses and strike chords of memory and feeling.

The Weavings

Just as a poet will choose a pattern such as the sonnet form or the iambic pentameter rhythm, TF Poduska has created a body of work – the woven paintings – in which pattern carries part of the meaning and impact.


The Screens

TF's desire for interesting space usage has led to the formulation of screens. A constant observer of nature, she has created a fascinating interplay between the oriental concept of screen and the contemporary statement.


The Florals

TF Poduska says, "Flowers embody my delight with color, they demonstrate the circle of death and renewal, they are sexual organs which have escaped the wrath of misplaced morality, they are survivors – or at least the ones I’ve seen!”


The TF Poduska Project

First Friday of every month and by appointment
4383 Tennyson Street, Suite 1A
Denver, CO 80212
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